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On invitation of the ICLEI Ecomobility team, participants of the „Resilient Cities“ conference visited transition town initiative „Bonn im Wandel“ today, to learn about the free cargobike sharing „Bolle“, community-built wooden (!) cargobikes from the Velowerft project and the „Schokofahrt“ Amsterdam-Bonn cargobike tour.
At Velowerft, eight cargobikes were jointly built for local initiatives, by members of the initiatives themselves, strenghtening ownership and cooperation between the initiatives.
The all-volunteer Bolle initiatives has a fleet of 5 cargobikes – Bolle, Boll-E, Bolle XXL, Bobie and Greta – that anyone in Bonn can borrow for free. 100% donation-based, no fee. A range of companies and initiatives take over the role to handle and store the bikes, strenghtening local networks.
The Schokofahrt is a cargobike event where twice a year an evergrowing number of cyclists transport emission free chocolate , cocoa brought by sialing ship, from the manufacturer in Amsterdam to their hometown. Th last trip saw 200 participants from 40+ cites transpotring 2 tons (!) of chocolate.
The location, Alte VHS is a former adult education center handed over by the city of Bonn to local initiatives to give them space to work, meet, network and develop new ideas. It´s host to a wide range of activties from FridaysforFuture plenary to yoga classes.
Transition town initiative „Bonn im Wandel“ home, and facilitator, for a range of initiatives from Bolle and Velowerft to „Bonn blüht und summt“ – Bonn blooms and buzzes – inviting citizen to create more „bee meadow“ green spaces in the city. www.bonnimwandel.de

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